One of the most beautiful dogs : Brindle Pit Bulls

The Brindle Pit Bull is one of the pit bull breeds that can make a potential family pet. If you happen on looking for a Brindle Pit Bull to be either purchased or adopted, you better do not tempt with the pricey tags. Keep in mind that the term brindle refers to the coat’s pattern it has. Some breeders are just trying to get extra cash due to their varied color. These are some information regarding the colorful breed that you can try to refer to. Continue reading

How to Care for Adult PitBull

Pit Bulls can always be such wonderful family pets. They can develop very mutual and strong kind of relationship with their owners. In fact, they might become your devoted friend for life! Still, it does not come as easy as asking them getting the ball for you. It needs a lot of quality time as well as care if you want to earn their loyalty and devotion. Continue reading

The Blue Fawn Pit Bull and Blue Nose, What Makes Them Different

Pit Bulls are among those most famous dogs of all time. This popularity is not always in a good way, though. They have once involved in the fighting sports, and it pretty much gives them a bad name. Many people are scared of Pit Bull for wrong reasons. It is true that any dogs can show such aggression. The same applies to Pit Bull, although there is no research that proof Pit Bull to be aggressive compared to any other dogs. Continue reading

The Blue Nose Pitbulls and What to Expect from Them

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling blue! Neither because I am sad nor without hope. It is more because I stumble upon the undeniably adorable Blue Nose Pitbull. This American Pitbull Terriers breed has nothing to do with a blue nose, though. Most of their noses are gray rather than blue, with somewhat irresistibly beautiful dark charcoal gray to silvery gray coats. Continue reading

How to Train Your Pit Bull to be Aggressive

Pit Bulls are naturally featured by intimidating appearance. People often mistakenly recognize them as aggressive dogs. In fact, they are more into kindhearted one. It is true that they can be aggressive to other dogs or animals. But, the job of being nice to human, they get no problems! If you want them to be a watchdog, then you might ignore all that face feature first. In a case of the Blue Nose Pit Bull, for instance, they can even stay quiet to strangers. Not necessarily stays quiet to intruders but their tender heart often makes them so calm facing new people. Continue reading