Giving the Best Dog Foods for Pit Bulls

Dog foods affect your dogs in many ways. The first and foremost, dog foods, without a doubt, affect the health of your dogs. But more than that, dog foods also affect the way your dog looks, especially when you have a supposedly muscular and strong built dog like pit bull breeds.

Criteria for the best dog food for pit bulls

To find the best dog food for pit bulls, you have to first understand what criteria that make a dog food good, especially now that there are tons of dog foods available in the market. Generally, a dog food should:

best food dog for pitbull

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  1. Be made from human-grade ingredients. If you give your pit bulls meat, make sure that you think the meat is also acceptable for human consumption. Otherwise, your dogs may be exposed to the risk of health problems.
  2. Meat-based, not grain-based. Generally dog food is made of a combination of several ingredients. Although dogs could eat vegetables and grains, their nourishments mainly come from meat-based protein; Ideally, 70% of the protein should come from animal sources.
  3. Not contain waste products from the human food industry. Some dog food contains foods that are waste products of the human food industry such as peanut hulls, soybean mill, corn bran, etc. and you should avoid this because they have little to none nutrition value.
  4. Not contain chemical preservatives, such as BHT, BHA, and ethoxyquin.


To help you find the best dog food for pit bulls, we have reviewed several products. The following reviews are classified into several category to make it easier for you to pick the best products.

1. Best food of all kinds-Orijen

The Canadian super premium brand Orijen is highly recommended for every large dog breed. Their foods are based on the latest nutritional research. Orijen foods contain at least 70% meat, and  0% grain because they understand that dogs do not have the digestive tract and the enzymes to digest significant amounts of grain. Orijen dog food typically contains at least five different meats and fish that are not preserved with chemicals. Instead, they preserve the meats and fish using vitamin E and botanical extracts. Orijen dog food was processed at a low temperature of 190 degrees Fahrenheit which allow the final product to maintain the nutrients. However, Orijen is rather costly, i.e. $62-75 for a 29.7-pound bag.

Orijen food for pitbull

Orijen food for pitbull

2. Best food for weight loss

In this category, our recommendation is Wellness CORE. They have three products that are suitable for your dogs if you are planning to lose their weight, i.e. Original Recipe, Reduced Fat Recipe, and Ocean Recipe. Original Recipe and Ocean Recipe contain 34% protein and 14% fat; while the Reduced Fat Recipe contains 33% protein and only 9% fat which is superb for weight loss program. CORE Reduced Fat Recipe costs about $65-67 for a 26-pound bag, while the CORE Ocean Recipe costs about $70-73, and CORE Original Recipe costs $62-64.

3. Best affordable food

The better the products, the more costly they are. This is an unbendable universal law. But even among the low-priced products, there are decent ones. Our recommendation for best affordable dry food is the Adult Dog Formula from Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul.  It is made from human-grade ingredients and meats that are preserved with natural antioxidant preservation. The product contains 24% protein and 14% fat and is suitable for a healthy large breed like pit bulls. Each 35-pound bag of this product typically costs only about $39.99.

Tips for daily menus for puppies and grown pit bulls

In addition to dry food, your pit bulls may need nutrient intake from home-made food, or you can combine both. But, what is the best menu for your pit bulls? Read along to find the tips.

Best menu for pit bull puppies (age 1-8 months)

pitbull puppy

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Puppies need a lot of nutrition for their growth. Therefore, they need to be fed at least four times a day with the following menu:

  1. First meal: baby’s porridge and milk (mix with 2 tablespoons of boiled water).
  2. Second meal: 1 cup of dry dog food, chicken livers or chicken meat (boiled beforehand, do not serve them raw), cooked rice. Note: do not give chicken’s head because the bones may cause digestion problem. Mix all the ingredients with the soup from stewing the chicken meat.
  3. Third meal: special snack, such as fruit.
  4. Fourth meal: 1 cup of dry dog food and milk (mix with boiled water). Note: too much milk may cause diarrhea.

Best menu for adult Pitbull (age 8 months+)

Adult pit bulls typically only need three-time meal a day, with the following menu:

  1. First meal: dry dog food, rice, boiled chicken / stewed beef, and vegetables (spinach or sprouts). Mix all the ingredients with the soup from stewing the chicken meat.
  2. Second meal: fruit as a snack.
  3. Third meal: same as the first meal.

Always keep your dogs fit and healthy by only giving them the best dog foods for pit bulls. After all, we are responsible for their well beings.


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