Top Exercises for Pit Bull Muscle Training

As a muscular breed with a naturally big build body, pit bulls will look more attractive with massive muscles all over their body. However, training a pit bull in order to gain muscular body mass is not easy. It takes special efforts and patience to take them out and get regular work out. To get the optimum results, consistency is the key.

If we track to their ancestors, pit bulls are the offspring of cross breed between terrier and bulldog. This gives pit bulls the combination of agility of a terrier and muscle strength of a bulldog. ( read : Know the Difference: Types of Pit Bulls Breeds )

In addition to their strength, the pit bull is also known for their loyalty to their owners. Even as muscular as they are, pit bulls like play and being pampered. If trained well, pit bulls can also become a perfect watchdog, considering their loyalty and strong nature. The key is how you train them. At the early age, train them to socialize with family members and frequently visiting friends. As soon as they are ready for muscle training, take them to exercise regularly.

Gain Massive Muscles in your Pit Bulls with these Top Exercises for Pit Bull Muscle building

The ideal age for pit bull muscle training is when your dog has hit they age of 8 months old, which is equal to a teenager human. Before starting to take actions, read along to find out the tips for pit bull muscle training.

1. Start with light exercises

The best time to start pit bull muscle training is when your dog is 8 months old. But remember, as a start, do light exercise. Do not be blinded by the goal. The first few months of the training is aimed at getting the dog used to body exercise so that at the age of one they would be ready to take on heavier challenges. Light exercises to start the training may range from: taking your pit bull out for a walk around in the park or around the neighborhood.

2. Proceed to heavy exercises

Once your pit bulls are used to the regular light training by walking or running around the house, increase the difficulty level. The type of pit bull muscle training exercises may vary in forms. Here are some of them. Following are some pit bull muscle training exercises that have been proven to be effective in helping pit bull gain massive, muscular body.

take a walk

take a walk

Warming up

  • Take a walk for about 1 km long.
  • Play ball throwing with them. It is one of the easiest yet most fun things to do with your dogs. Just throw the ball and your pit bull will immediately run to get it and give the ball back to you.
  • If the weather is bad that it is not possible to go out, you can do simple exercise at home. Drop a ball from the second floor and let your pit pick it up and bring it back to you. This simple activity is fun and effective to train muscles around your dog legs.

Dock jumping

Dock jumping includes running, jumping, and swimming. Bring their favorite toy with you, and throw the toy to the body of water. You can do this at home in your pool or outside in the nearby slow streaming river. This way, they will run, jump to the water, and swim to try to get their favorite toy which is equal to heavy work out.

Dock jumping pitbull

Dock jumping pitbull / image by

Weight pulling

In order to do this exercise, you need to put a special harness to your pit bull. Let them carry things starting from light stuff and gradually increase the weight. This exercise will build all the muscles in the legs, shoulders, and chest. This kind of exercise is not recommended for pit bulls any younger than 1 year.

Weight pulling pitbull

Weight pulling pitbull / image by

Spring poles

Pit bulls are generally known for the strength of their jaws and their tendency to like chewing toys. This exercise aims to improve the strength of pit bulls’ jaws by letting them bite onto a hanging sack. Make sure that the height of the sack is at least a half to one meter higher than a pit bull.

Spring poles pitbull

Spring poles pitbull / image by

In addition to the exercises for pit bull muscle training, pit bulls also need high protein intake in order to build their muscles. Rather than giving dry food, it is recommended to give meats for them. Chicken breast and tuna are to best choices for pit bulls that are undergoing muscle training program.  Please note that the meats should not be served raw as they may contain dangerous bacteria. Boil the meats before serving. You can also give vitamins and food supplements in addition to their daily menu. ( read : Giving the Best Dog Foods for Pit Bulls )

Even more important to remember is not to force your dog into continuous heavy exercise. They need rest. So let your dog have a long sleep after each heavy exercise until the following day. And the most important of all, pit bull muscle training should be fun for you too.


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