How to Kill Fleas on Your Beasties Pit Bulls

Fleas, the small little creature that often give every dog’s owner headache. Their small size doesn’t go along with the trouble it makes to our canine companions.

It is very common among animals with fur to suffer from fleas’ colonization. In a case of dogs, they can be infected by fleas as they roam the garden or as they socialize with other dogs with fleas. Frankly, any breeds of dogs could suffer this fleas attack, including your fellow stocky canine buddy, pit bulls.

The job to kill of fleas on your pit bulls is crucial. Pits with fleas under their coat will suffer itchiness that could lead to many skin problems. Your pit bulls might get stress because of that too. In an extreme case, the risk of baldness can even be a major threat. In fact, fleas could infest another parasite to the dog’s body as well.

pitbull fleas

pitbull fleas

As pit bulls often become so attached to their owners, the risks do not only apply to their kindred. It can also strike the owners. Imagine if your little one that loves to cuddle your pit bulls has to deal with the fleas. Immediate treatment should immediately be taken to completely get rid all that fleas out of your dogs’ hair.

Getting chemicals involved might offer you with a quicker result. But, if I were you, I will minimize using any chemicals to my dearest beasties. Such popular dog medication might contain some harmful substance that can bring many side effects to your pit bulls. Not only threats the dogs, but it can also be a major risk to the owners. Especially for children that are often running around the pits; a very minimum contact or touch can turn into something bad.

The key point to make your dog free from fleas lays on their body’s and environment’s hygiene. But, when there is already flea manifestation, getting the immediate solution is a must. Look at these following natural repellents you can make out of scratch to get rid of the little biting insects.

Natural Flea Control for Pit Bulls: Herbs, Oils, and Prevention

1. The Aromatic Flea Collar

The flea collar might be suitable for owners who have a little amount of time to reapply such repellents to the pit bulls. It is simple to make and can keep away fleas quite impressively.

What you need: 3 drops of essential oil (you can use either cedar or lavender oil)
– 1 to 3 tablespoon of water
– A square bandana
– An eyedropper

oil essential for pitbull

oil essential for pitbull

How to make:

1. Water down the chosen oil concentrates into the water. It will allow the fragrance to dilute with water and get weaker. Some might not dilute them with water to give a stronger scent. But it is not suggested to do so.

2. Take a bandana, with your preferable color and pattern, and give 5 drops of the liquid using the eyedropper. Tie it up around the dog’s neck. That way, you can kick away those fleas while adding snazzy style to your dogs. Reapply giving some drops of oil mixture once in a week or anytime you think it is needed.

bandana pitbull

bandana pitbull

2. Lemon Flea Bristle / Comb

Lemon contains limonene that quite acidic to repel fleas. More importantly, this is so natural and has no harm to our dogs as well as people around them.

What you need:

– 1 freshly sliced lemon
– 1 pot of fresh water
– A bristle or a comb

lemon on pot

lemon on pot image by

How to make:

1. Have your water boiled and into that, add the slices of freshly cut lemon

2. Turn off the stove and take the lid to the pot. Let it sit overnight.

3. The next day, dip either a bristle brush or comb into the liquid

4. Run the mixture through their hair using either bristle or comb

3. Flea Deterring Drink

This one is another way to support blasting the fleas from the inside. You can make this with the ingredients from your kitchen and use it along with the above repellents. Not only does it helpful to get rid of fleas, but it can also help maintaining the pits’ coat shine from the inside.

What you need:

– a couple of teaspoon of apple cider vinegar or white distilled vinegar

– Some drinking water

apple cider vinegar

apple cider vinegar

How to make:

1. Weigh your dogs (you can skip this one if you already know the number) to know the proportion of the ingredients, later

2. For every 40 pound dog, add a teaspoon of white distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar to one quart of drinking water. Done, you are good to go.

Kill of fleas on your pit bulls should come with consideration regarding your dogs’ comfort. As those natural repellents are made out of scented ingredients, bear in mind that dogs have 1,000 to 10,000 times better nose sensitivity to human. Don’t let them suffer by using too much fragrant. Always keep an eye on their gesture to know whether or not they can stand such scent.



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