Maintain Your Pit bulls Hair Healthy and Shiny

Having lustrous and gleaming coat is every dog’s owner joy to behold. There is nothing could beat the beautifully glossy Pit Bull walking happily in the midday sun. Pit Bulls’ coats are characterized by a short, flat, and tight to the skin. Apparently, it needs less effort to maintain its health as well as shine. It seems like it doesn’t require too often care or such grooming regime, am I right?

Like any other dogs, whether short or long haired dogs, Pit Bulls coats should always come into your priority. Missing one of the required treatments to their hair might threaten their health as well as performance. Pit Bulls can suffer hair loss, just like us. Their coat might become a home for fleas that eventually trigger itchiness and even stress. Hence, follow these guidelines and get ready welcoming the healthier and shinier coat of your pits.

Pitbull’s Hair Healthy and Shiny

Do Regular Inspection

It is important to keep an eye on your dogs’ coat regularly. After an outdoor outing or after they get socialized with their fellow canines. Specifically in the warmer seasons like spring or summer. This is important as fleas, ticks, and many other parasites could easily manifest within your dogs’ coat.

Besides the presence of parasites, a regular inspection is required to examine their hair and skin health. While you inspect your dogs, you should look at their skin thoroughly. They might often rub their coat and show all the itchiness. The culprit might be one of those mentioned parasites. But, be sharp and look for any other possible reason. In fact, it might be due to the presence of dandruff on the surface of their skin.

pitbull long hair

pitbull long hair

Your dogs might experience shedding. A condition in which they lose some amount of their hair as a part of their suitable adaptation manners. Such excessive shedding, in fact, can affect their confidence. The changing season might become the common reason. However, stress among dogs can be one of the factors too. When your dog often caught licking their body more than the usual, it can be an indication that they get to stress over something. The thing is, the dog often licks a certain part of their body to get more relaxed. Still, if it is too often, it might lead to particular skin problem and trigger hair loss.

Another reason that affects hair loss among dogs is due to their allergy to a certain type of food. Inspect the way they act and how their body response every time you decide giving them different diet. Their immune systems are different from one another. That’s why certain food might bring them problems rather than benefits.

The last inspection you can do should be around their collar or any other accessories they wear. Such a too tight collar can cause hair loss. Moreover, those leather and plastic-based material in dogs collar that can actually lead to itchiness.

Brush, Brush, and Brush

Brushing is one thing you could do to spoil your dogs. Not only does it feel like rubbing, but it also helpful to remove the dead hair or the left shed hair from their body. Leaving your dog with mats due to your not-so-interested in brushing your dogs, could affect their confidence and turn their heart blue.

brush pitbull

brush pitbull

In the case of Pit Bulls, they can be grouped into those that need minimal grooming. Thanks to those flat coat and short hair. But, it doesn’t mean that you neglect the job as you wish. Daily brushing your pits are required to keep the luster alive. Try to do it in a circular motion, so their skin can produce more natural oil that gives shine to their overall look.

Don’t be Lazy to Bathe

Dogs’ skins are in fact so sensitive. Certain skincare products can actually affect their skin moist as well as hair strength. Dogs are not necessarily bathed each day. But, it doesn’t mean you could skip this hygiene routine. Try to find a natural and free of either chemicals or pesticides shampoo to maintain their skin’s health and fragrance their hair. Also, enhance their shiny coat by conditioning the fur after shampooing.

pitbull bath

pitbull bath time image by Viralnova

Nourishing from within

Just like us who need good nutritious food, Pit Bulls is also need it. Good Nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining Pit Bulls’ healthy and shiny coats. Such lack of fine nutrition along with the aging process might turn your Pit Bulls’ coat drier and more lackluster. To enhance their hair health and shine from the inside is undoubtedly essential.

There should be protein, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids added to their every day’s diet. Vitamin E, omega 3 and omega 6 is specifically needed to get those lustrous and strong hair.

Compliment all the needed nutrition by relying on fresh and healthy products. Finding those commercial dog foods available in the store can be a shortcut as they also contain the above substance. If it is needed, you can reward your dogs’ coat by giving them skin-nourishing supplements. Not only does it well-formulated for that quality, but it can also enhance the healthy diet they take.

Taking care of your Pit Bull hair is not even a rocket science. Such basic routines along with your determination will surely bring healthier and shinier coats to your canine besties.

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