How to Train Pit Bull obedience

Looking at your Pit Bull, either a puppy or an adult, when they are behaving nicely is just relaxing. However, make your dog learning about obedience is quite exhausting. Many Pit Bull’s owners fail to do the job, but many have proof that teaches Pits obedience is not impossible.

Before starting your commitment on how to train Pit Bull obedience you might need to refer to these following points.

Why Most People Suck at Training Their Pit Bull

The most important things you need to remember when it comes to Pit Bull training is about your consistency, discipline, and timing. Rather being too technical on the steps by steps guidelines, these three qualities are the ones that should be your main “denominations”.

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Many dogs’ owners fail to master how to train Pit Bull obedience because they go wrong with either one or all of the three qualities. One that might give quite a significant effect is timing. You can claim that you got all the consistency and discipline. But with no good timing, the two might just become useless efforts.

Take, for instance; you constantly teach your pits not to climb on your furniture. You neither praise nor reward them when they do so. You are consistent and discipline about that, BUT only when there is no stranger around. And when someone is coming by, you let them doing so. Because of your status, feelings, or whatsoever. For you to know, you just ruin the training, and the three qualities are broken. ( Top Exercises for Pit Bull Muscle Training )

How You Do It Right

Once again, being consistent, discipline, and aware of the timing are the key points to get the stuff right. Giving praise and reward will be an abundance help as well. Still, if you want to be more technical about that, you can probably refer to these following points.

Consider the difficulty of the commandPit Bulls are smart. To maximize their potential, you better start teaching them from the considered easier commands first. Next, you can develop the training gradually following the difficulties.

Duration time ­– don’t exhaust your pit bulls on a lengthy training or spoil them on a short training. Give them training in the right amount of time and be effective on that.

Pay attention to the distraction – as your dog’s learn their lessons, you can try to spice up some distractions that include balls, squeak toys, running around them, singing a song, etc. to test the way they obey your command despite the distractions. Change them gradually, so you know they are making progress.

Train them in different contexts – many pit bulls might master one command in one particular context and fail to do it in another context. It is simply because they haven’t succeeded in making the generalization of the command. Hence, try to teach them in different contexts or even locations. That way, they will know the command applies to all contexts.

Use different levels of volumes and voice tones – it is advisable to issue commands in varied ways. Try to either issue command in whispering, quiet, moderate or loud volumes while you can always use different tones, such as squeaky, low voice, grumbly, singing, etc, to enhance their training.

Aim your goal – make sure you know exactly what your goal is. You want them to be obedient. Then, give your reward and praise every time they do so. When they lay quiet on the rag and stay still even though you pass before their face. Still in the same place until some amount of time to finally reach you in a calm way. Those are the one that should be praised and rewarded. Your pits still be a good dog if they jump to you and get excited. But when you give too much praise or reward after that excitement behavior, you train them to be excited. Already, see the difference?

Some Basic Obedience Training and How to do it

Sit – Sit is one of the easiest yet effective commands to get your dog to be obedient. Teaching sit should start with a reward and praise. Try to give command on their level. Hold the treat close to his nose and lure their head up to follow it and get their butt lower. Give them the treat right after their butt touch the ground and praise them. Do it in some reps in any places to let the experience different context.

pit bull sit

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Stay – This one is probably the hardest one to train amongst pups or young pits. The goal with the stay is to teach them to remain in their position until they are given a further instruction. Employ a leash is advisable to do the training. Wave a flat palm towards his muzzle and say “stay.” Try to steps forward and give them a good wait. Reward their act if they remain still. Say a simple “oops” if they can and redo the command for some reps.

pit bull stay

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Down – Teaching down to Pit Bulls is important to help them out of underfoot. With the help of a very tasty treat, you can surely get succeed on this. Lure them with a treat at their muzzle. Let them follow your move until their belly touching the ground and their front feet flat. Give them reward right after you say “Down.”

pit bull down

pit bull down

There are many other commands you can follow to get success in how to train your Pit Bull obedience. Keep on do it and do it with love. They can always feel your affection while you are a chance of bonding with them.

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