How to Train Your Pit Bull to be Aggressive

Pit Bulls are naturally featured by intimidating appearance. People often mistakenly recognize them as aggressive dogs. In fact, they are more into kindhearted one. It is true that they can be aggressive to other dogs or animals. But, the job of being nice to human, they get no problems! If you want them to be a watchdog, then you might ignore all that face feature first. In a case of the Blue Nose Pit Bull, for instance, they can even stay quiet to strangers. Not necessarily stays quiet to intruders but their tender heart often makes them so calm facing new people.

Still, you can get them to be aggressive if you want them to be so. It is somewhat a pride for owners if their dogs get the fierce qualities. After all, they have that animal instinct. Not forget to mention that their old history to involve in the ancient bloody sport. With a different approach of training, making them more than just an amusement toy and be aggressive is all the way possible.

How to Train Pit Bulls to Become Guard Dogs

Bear in mind that there is no Pit Bull born as a natural guard dog. Your expectation should go along with your efforts and commitments on how to train your Pit Bull to be aggressive. Here are some steps you can follow to boost their inner beast instincts and of course, be a nice guard dog you can rely on.

  1. Socialization

You want them to be aggressive to a certain type of people. Not all newly met people. That is why you should get them familiar with those you consider as friends, family members, or even family pets.

Make them having a sense of tolerance towards people near your inner circle. Your friend’s dogs or pets should come into account. Between the ages 7 to 12 weeks of age, you can start introducing them to your so called gangs and family. It is an important matter as, at that age, your pits has the best retention to whatever they are taught.

pitbull Socialization

pitbull Socialization

As a process of making them a guard dog, you could take them having some long walks around your neighborhood or any locations. It will help them getting familiar with the environment. The traffic noise and some other noises can be a reference for them to detect threats in the future.

  1. Obedience Training

Even though you want to train them to be aggressive, such obedience training is still needed. It should involve both verbal and by gesture commands. More than just basics obedience training, they should be able to learn some advanced commands along with the responses. ( read more : How to Train Pit Bull obedience )

pit bull sit

pit bull sit image by

Do not forget to praise them as well as award them with such rewards. You can either give cookies, toys, or any suitable reward every time they make proper responses to the given commands. You can draw to benefits from this, though. Your dog will surely give more respect to you as their master. They won’t likely do what other people ask them to do. They will know that you are the one that should be giving them treats. They will not be likely to eat the bait given by any intruders if they are trying to bribe them with such treats.

  1. Setting the Limits

Pit Bulls are born to inherit such pushy and dominant traits. It is your job to be able to be more dominant than them. Don’t be too meek or you will get them willful over your orders. It is common among dogs’ owners and trainers to act firm to get all the control.

In the hand of a firm master, Pit Bulls can be so loyal that they long for their masters’ approval. They will learn whatever you teach them without a doubt. They will obey you and do anything you want at all cost.

Finding a reputable training expert will be a huge help to develop such trait. Even when you want to do it by yourselves, some advice and recommendations from experts will surely help you with a more promising result. It can grant your safety as well, though. As you want them to act aggressive, you might also expect them to involve in some physical contacts. Surely, calling a reputable expert will help you dealing with the risks of getting bitten, scratches, or else.

Getting your dog to behave nicely to you and your relatives or friends while maintaining a stance on strangers does not come in a flash. It needs time and efforts to get there. I personally like people with obedience and “aggressive” pits. They are, somehow, having a mutual bond that for me seems so much stronger than the average dog-and-human kind of relationship.

However, I don’t think I agree with the idea of having your pits guarding your properties. Somehow, you get them there to watch your properties from any intruders. The fact is that many intruders, or robbers specifically, are armed these days. Take your pits to guard your spaces could, in one sense, put them in danger for the sake of your life. The choice is yours, though. But if I were you, I won’t get busy on how to train Pit Bull to be aggressive and just ended up making them as a canine shield. I think it is wiser to consider more about my digital securing facilities. Well, it’s just an opinion of mine.

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