The Blue Nose Pitbulls and What to Expect from Them

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling blue! Neither because I am sad nor without hope. It is more because I stumble upon the undeniably adorable Blue Nose Pitbull. This American Pitbull Terriers breed has nothing to do with a blue nose, though. Most of their noses are gray rather than blue, with somewhat irresistibly beautiful dark charcoal gray to silvery gray coats.

This breed has lots of things to fascinate every dog lover. Despite their quite intimidating look, they are quite impressive family pets with a big heart and loving personalities to offer.

Where does that name come from?

The Blue Nose Pitbulls are quite a distinct breed. They are the results of the manipulations of a recessive gene that creates a lack of black pigment in their fur. The recessive gene from both parents donates a color dilution effect to their fur as the result of the smaller amount of eumelanin found among the breed. It also affects the exposed skin to color in gray, namely the nose, gums and the underbelly area.

As what I said, their noses as one of the exposed skin areas are colored in gray, not blue. Most of the blue nose pit bulls’ noses are gray, although you can spot some having either blue, red or black noses. So what’s the deal between their noses and the blue color? Many breeders and dog lovers say that it simply to draw people’s attention. Blue can give a perfect gimmick to the dog’s name. Indeed, they are naturally exotic with those gray dominated color. But, I need to admit, Blue Nose Pitbull is more appealing rather than gray nose pitbull if there is a given choice, don’t you think so? ( read : list of American Pit Bull Terrier Breeders )

Blue Nose Pitbull and their bad reputation

Blue Nose Pitbulls are often mistaken as aggressive dogs because of their intimidating appearance. With all that attributions, their large heads, strong jaws, and prominent muscles, people assume that they are quiet dangerous. If you are one of them, I like to warn you, stop judging a book by its cover.

This label of dangerous dog might be closely related to their ancestors. There were certain blood sports, where the Blue Nose Pitbulls were originally bred to join in, that has stained their today’s reputation. They used to be put in a ring and get a bull to be angry on them. The result is pretty obvious; The Blue Nose Pitbull were wounded and ended in death. Fortunately, there was the initiation of the animal cruelty laws that save blue nose pits and many other unfortunate animals. Still, some of the remaining old memories make them having a bad reputation that scar people to adopt them as pets. ( Read : Top Exercises for Pit Bull Muscle Training )

Despite their bad reputations, they can make an excellent pet. They are naturally affectionate and are considered as one of the friendliest pit bulls breeds to ever lives.

They have human-like behavior

One of the reasons of why they are considered as the friendliest dog’s breed is probably because they possess a human-like behavior. The way they think and act are often close to how people do. They get all the emotional traits closely to a human compared to any other breeds. Just like us, there are times that they get too emotional and often need quiet, serious approaches to deal with. In some point, it might ease us with the bonding issues. But their broad spectrum of emotions might lead to a complicated behavior and stubbornness. I mean, imagine that double silent treatment of both your girlfriend and your blue canine “girlfriend”.

Blue nose pitbull behavior

Blue nose pitbull behavior

Blue Nose Pitbull are also famous being very sincere and loving dogs. Qualities that do not go with their not-so-intimidating appearance. In fact, they can make a good friend with kids because of that. They tend to stay still and surely good for babysitting. Parents with kids that are raised with this dog will have no worry when they climb or cuddle with the dogs. The Blue Nose Pitbull have their full respect to human. Their affections, though, can make them a perfect teddy bear to hug tightly.

They pick who they hang with

This gray coat dog surprisingly mingles better with human rather than other animals. They cannot make friend with other animals easily. Even with other dogs. Especially the adult ones. They find it hard to socialize with other animals but in some point, their puppies can tolerate more. Thus, if you want to make your pets befriended with the Blue Nose Pitbull, you better get the puppies and start the behavior lessons. ( Read : How to Care For Pitbull Puppy )

Pitbull Puppy

Pitbull Puppy

Their gray coat and their gray matter

Despite that goofy faces they often make, this breed was born with intelligent. They are fast learners that can acquire such training and behavioral lessons pretty quickly. A good positive training can make them an excellent pet that is eager to please their owners.

The Blue Nose Pitbull is a good choice for you who long for a loving, smart, and obedient dog. Consider some other aspects such as their prone to mange and allergies or their tendency to stay quiet over intruders might help you decide to keep them a family. Still, so many reasons you can refer, to have this beautiful creature your forever perfect buddy.


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