The Blue Fawn Pit Bull and Blue Nose, What Makes Them Different

Pit Bulls are among those most famous dogs of all time. This popularity is not always in a good way, though. They have once involved in the fighting sports, and it pretty much gives them a bad name. Many people are scared of Pit Bull for wrong reasons. It is true that any dogs can show such aggression. The same applies to Pit Bull, although there is no research that proof Pit Bull to be aggressive compared to any other dogs.

If you want Pit Bull to be your dog buddy, then adopting or purchasing a Blue Fawn Pit Bull or Blue Nose Pit Bull can do you good. They are quite popular among dogs’ lovers. They are naturally affectionate and are good in temperaments. Besides, both of them have beautiful color coats that are easy on eyes. Take a deeper look at each other breed below and make your pick soon.

The Blue Fawn Pit Bull

The Blue Fawn Pit Bulbs are available in uniquely silvery hue colors. The diluted color comes from the recessive colors that are inherited from their parents. Their red muzzle also indicates this breed. Their eyes do not have to be blue, but some dogs have them in their eyes.

blue fawn pitbull

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The American Dog Breeder Association (ADBA) officially states that the acceptable color lists for this bluish pits should include blue or gray cast with relatively lighter blue eyes. Their nose’s color should be in grayish or reddish color. If you are a fan of strongly pigmented color dogs, you might rethink to adopt or purchase this breed. But for softer hues fans, this breed should be a major crush to own. ( read more : The Blue Nose Pitbulls and What to Expect from Them )

The Blue Fawn Pit Bulls are a good watchdog. Like the typical Pit Bull, they have a muscular and a strong build body and jaws that enhance their fierce appearance. Intruders should step back as they can sense danger and are sensitive to threats. On the contrary, they can be very loving to their masters and his/ her family members. Again, its quality of having strong and muscular body helps them develop endurance while they get along with kids or toddlers. ( read more : Top Exercises for Pit Bull Muscle Training )

They are considered smart that even a minimal potty training can help them behaving well. A well training can also help them in acquiring good socialization skills with fellow household pets in your house. They have quite a tremendous amount of energy that should be channeled in varied activities. Channeling their energy over activities that can help you bond with them will give you a chance to be more respected by this breed of dogs.

The Blue Nose Pit Bull

From a quick glance, you might notice that the two have quite similar colors. The Blue Nose Pit Bulls have a similar silvery pattern. The diluted colors that are also derived from their parents’ recessive genes. One thing that makes a distinct different is the color of their nose. Unlike the Blue Fawn Pit Bulls, the Blue Nose Pits has a gray looking nose that almost looks blue. Selective breeding is needed to create this beautiful breed.

blue nose pitbull

blue nose pitbull

The Blue Nose Pit Bulls are considered as the most docile dogs amongst Pit Bulls. They can be very quiet and behave nicely to new people. That is why they are rarely adopted or purchased for guarding reasons. When intruders are trying to broke your properties, this breed will not allegedly bark to them. They can be very gentle despite their similar fierce looking with the Blue Fawn Pit Bulls.

If you want a calmer family pet, then having this breed is more preferable. Similar with the bluish fawn, this breed is not a fan of other animals. They can make friend with those that are raised together with them since they are little. Having a new pet to your family might add some homework on socialization issue.

Some ailments regarding this breed include dry skin, baldness, and irritation. Make sure that you have a regular inspection to know they have no problem with parasites or any potential traits. Proper hygiene will help you, though. Still, in some cases, you might need your vets to examine and medically treat them.

Both Blue Fawn Pit Bulls and the Blue Nose Pit Bulls are beautiful. They can fascinate their owners with their warm and affectionate manners. Make sure you get all the information needed to opt for the suitable one. I cannot say which one is better. But, Pit Bulls can always make great candidates as great companions. They are loveable, strong, kids friendly, and those shiny coats are just awesome. Find a reputable shelter or breeder nearby and give your Pit Bull well training and you’ll soon meet the sweetest breed ever.


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