4 Important Things: American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Breed Information

The brick-like head, well-defined, and powerful jaws have stroke the American Pitbull Terriers as a dog of power. The stocky yet agile American Pitbull Terrier has a lot of things to fascinate all dog lovers and here are some points to start the tour.

American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Breed Information and Picture

The description

The American Pitbull Terriers have some distinctive features. They have the quite intimidating looks that are often misled people to some undeserved judgments towards the dog. This Irish breed is well known for their muscle and is in fact considered as powerful dogs. The strong appearance does not always come with the repulsive temper as this half and half is full of passion and undying willingness. Their coats are made up of thick, short, shiny hair and are available in varied shades of brown to gray. It refers to the Red Nose Pitbulls for those with the brown shades and the Blue Nose Pitbulls for those with the gray shades.

american pit bull terrier

american pit bull terrier


Back to 1800s, there were such sports that presented dogs as bull- or bear- baiting. The sports has made this breed, in some cases according to the direct and close line, inherit such qualities that evoke aggression.

However, most of these pits today are famous for having the unwillingness to bite humans. It was not a new story, as it once had led them to become one of those dogs that were reliable as protective guard dogs; those that were loyal and loved their masters but has all the qualities as guardian dogs.

history americn pit bull terrier

history americn pit bull terrier / image by tumblr.com

The name of the American Pitbull Terrier was given by the Britain’s equivalent of the AKC in 1893. It was not until the early 1930s that the breed was given another name of the American Staffordshire Terrier. The purpose of the AKC gave them such name was none than other to try to erase their reputation as pit-fighting dogs.


The American Pitbull Terriers has the imposing look and are usually considered as non-aggressive to human. It applies to human, but in most cases between the Bull Baiter Dog and other animals, including dogs, the non-aggressive qualities are hard to find. ( read more : How to Train Your Pit Bull to be Aggressive )

They are described as a good-natured, loving, amusing, and loyal to their human family. But, these abilities that support them get along with people have made them gaining such reputation as bad watch dogs. Proper training is still possible to have them acquire such quality, though.

These Pit Terriers spark the human–like emotions that require a proper raise and treat if you do not want such emotions to stab you in the future. The human-like emotions they possess often lead to the idea that they should be able to act and behave properly without a careful watch and training. Big mistake if you think so. This quality can deceive all the pets’ owners because such wrong treatment like that might turn them into a bossy dog that wins the deal between pets and human as well as between pets to pets’ relationship.

american pit bull terrier personallity

american pit bull terrier personallity

These formerly Irish dogs are often referred as the Old Family Dog. The reason might be quite obvious because they can make a good family pet. They have a high endurance that is suitable for providing children with a still and loving companion as they want to climb or cuddle with the pits.

This pit requires a lot of exercises to channel their energy. They are naturally active, but they are always great to stay at home and have some lone time with their masters. However, too much of keeping them stay still could eventually result in them getting a little bit lethargic. In some cases, they possess such destructive instinct that involves barking and chewing. If you do not want to have your belongings go to the thriving shop, then, it is better to vent their energy to do outdoor activities that they like. ( read more : Top Exercises for Pit Bull Muscle Training )

Health and Care

It applies to all breeds that there is tendency to suffer from certain health conditions. The same thing applies to this American Pitbull Terrier breed. They are prone to have hip dysplasia, allergies, hypothyroidism, and heart disease, although not all of them will experience such disease. ( read more : Understanding Pit Bull Health Problems and How to Prevent Them )

Keep the environment clean and maintain the dog’s hygiene will help dog owner with the risks. A regular grooming is still needed even though they are not thick coated. For a more reliable preventive step, it is suggested to visit the vets and give some medication needed.

Legal Liabilities

As a household pet, the American Pitbull Terrier is often considered as too much. They are indeed, nice and loving. But their history tells a different story. Their intimidating look and the past fighting heritage have made them a great target for banning. There is no doubt that they can be a very loving household pets and neighbors. But, with the chance of either your friends or neighbors get uncomfortable with the breed, while there is a chance that some dog owners might not provide adequate and proper training too, some areas have stated that it is illegal to keep one of this sweet pits home.


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