How to Care for Adult PitBull

Pit Bulls can always be such wonderful family pets. They can develop very mutual and strong kind of relationship with their owners. In fact, they might become your devoted friend for life! Still, it does not come as easy as asking them getting the ball for you. It needs a lot of quality time as well as care if you want to earn their loyalty and devotion.

Not only do you need to stay with them for some period of time, but you also need to consider giving them proper care. Take a glimpse of these following guides of how to care for an adult pit bull, and be a dream owner that is loved by all bullies around.

Their Nutrition

Pit bulls are amongst hardy breed. Frankly, they will just eat anything you throw at them. But, that is not the way you treat your buddy! Raw meat can always be a great idea. But if you cannot chase today’s pricey meat, you can always scan for a potential dogs’ food available. Try to find a product that does not only use wheat or cornmeal as fillers. Complete their needs by looking for products that contain the highest quality of protein with proper amount of salt (phosphorus and nitrates)

nutrition for adult pitbull

nutrition for adult pitbull

The best nutrition for one particular bully will not necessarily work for the other. What you want them to achieve should come into account. Thus, before selecting one brand out of many, you should know exactly what your bully needs; whether they need an additional amount of protein for gaining some weight or they are those sensitives that need to avoid some ingredients to prevent from severe allergies. ( read more : Giving the Best Dog Foods for Pit Bulls )

After you are done with the content, you should shift the concern into the frequency. It is important to feed your old dogs once a day in the evening. It is not necessarily to feed them three times a day like human do, once feed per day is all your dog needs. Along with your consideration of the content of the dog food, having them fed once is enough. They will get sufficient nutrition as well as energy while you can prevent the risks of bloating that can actually kill a dog in a flash.

Their Hygiene

A good dogman or dogwoman pays attention to their dog’s hygiene. From the dogs’ bodies to the things that are used to support their activities, hygiene is undeniably a part of the important bits.

Such good routines should be established to provide the best care. Pit bulls have short hair that makes the grooming job a less priority. But having a regular bath every two days will help them keeping up their body hygiene. Every once in a month, it is highly suggested to have your dog’s follow the flea/ worm/ heartworm inspection and treatment. You might be interested in using Revolution or Ivomec to help you work if such case is found to your bully.

pitbull bath

pitbull bath

Next, clipping up their nails can help reduce possibilities of broken nails that often lead to nail bed infections or sore between pads. You can do it once in a month while clean their ears as well. ( read more : Maintain Your Pit bulls Hair Healthy and Shiny )

Once you develop routines to clean their bodies, you should also consider the hygiene of anything they use, wear, or live in. Their bowl should be replaced every day as there is always a chance that it was urinated by other dogs or all by themselves. Clean it every single day while making sure you also change the water as it might be contaminated with an organism that could harm their health. Their home should become your next consideration. Make sure that their bedding and house are nice and clean. The same thing applies to what they wear. Always clean the dog’s collar and if it is needed you can change it every six months.

Their Medication

You should be aware that medication should mean regular examination. It’s nice to have a brief examination of their body every evening while they have their dinner. If they have to take some medication, then you better do a little trick to make you stay away from the fuzz. Mix any medication, especially in a form of a capsule to their food or open it up and sprinkle them on the food. Also, having a regular visit to a notable and reliable vet should become your annual routines. The presence of worm or heartworm can be anticipated if you do checkup every once a year. Besides, you have to be aware of vaccinations as well. In further cases, you might need to have blood work, specifically if we talk about how to care for an adult pit bull.

Their Status

Showing your care to your dogs should also include your awareness to their legal status. It is better to move if you live in a community with BSL. Or, if you are among the community where you fear BSL, it is better to call your dog a mix breed.

Showing your care to your pit bulls can be as technical as what have stated above. Showing a great amount of sincere affection can be pretty much you need to show how to care for an adult pit bull. Seriously, they can feel affections. So, love them up! Look at their eyes and pet them tender. That way, they will feel more appreciated and loved.


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