Don’t Choose a Pitbull Puppy Before Taking These Four Steps

Adopting a dog is more than just taking a four-legged animal home and getting them fetch the ball. Dogs are forever men’s best friend. Once you bring them out of some random kennel, you are welcoming a new member to the family.

There are things to consider before you eventually arrive on one puppy to be adopted. As one “quiet” pup might turn into a hellion as they grow up, choosing a pup could turn into a little intimidating task. It is a matter of making a good prediction that later will collaborate with the way you train and take care of them. Not to forget to mention your lifestyle as well as the personality that plays some major role too.

choose pitbull puppy

choose pitbull puppy

If you happen to propose for puppy adoption, specifically pit bull, this how to choose pit bull puppy checklist might be helpful to assist you to come with the decision.

Knowing the Breeds

Three popular pit bull breeds are commonly adopted. They are namely the American Pitbull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

The American Pitbull Terrier weighs between 35 to 65 pounds with a short smooth coat in either red, brown, black, fawn, brindle, or solid white. Its obedience and loyalty characterize this breed. Often showing some dominance, but with a firm owner beside them, they have nothing but devotion.

Weighing heavier compared to the American Pitbull Terrier, with 65 to 90 pounds weight, makes the American Staffordshire Terriers’ body is muscular with a square build figure. Despite its muscular body and the way that face look, this breed is among those devoted and friendly dogs to their owners.

The last one, and probably the smallest among all, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier that could weigh between 28 to 38 pounds. One distinctive personality of this breed is its humble and affectionate gesture to children but prone to be aggressive to other dogs. ( read more : Know the Difference: Types of Pit Bulls Breeds )

Decide the Gender

Nothing sexist happens here. Just your personal reason and expectation to certain Pitbull’s sex. Both male and female pit bulls can be a great life mate. But before you decide one, you better ask yourselves about your preference regarding their sex. Male pit bulls tend to spot their territory by peeing on it. Imagine if they take your living room their territory? You can always have the access to training them, though. But it surely needs determinations before you can see the result. They also possess a more aggressive behavior with chances of attacking other dogs or for in some cases human. ( read more : How to Train Your Pit Bull to be Aggressive )

On the other hand, female pit bulls, some of them, might also possess those traits, but it is not as dominant as what males have. Another useful information should be the fact that female Pitbulls experience the estrus cycle and heat cycle twice a year.

Look at Their Predecessors and Foreshadow Their Future

The easiest way, some say is a little tricky, though, is to look at the pups’ bloodlines. Genetic somewhat plays a great role in determining the development of pretty much everything. In a case of puppy picking, relying your judgment on the way they look, whether they are cute, not having a scary face as the typical pit bulls (if you may claim) have could be a total mistake. They will grow, the way they look will certainly be changed. Expecting them to stay as cute as the first time you adopt might be impossible. So, if you don’t want to be misled, you might want to refer to the way their parents look. The same thing applies to the way they act. Their personality, even though you can always shape them by proper training, might follow their parents’. And, what the badge of Champion or Grand Champion gave by breeder will not guarantee similar achievement in the future.

Examine Their Peer Interaction and Behavior

You should never forget to examine the way that potential pups interact with the litter. Those who seem to be extrovert with all the confidence might become an early sign of future dominance. Those who stay in the corner with the shyness all over his coat might become fearful adults if you cannot help them with proper training. ( read more :How to Train Pit Bull obedience )

Meanwhile, looking at their behavior as an individual can be a great help to foreshadow their growth too. A happy go lucky pups might be less disappointing in a sense that they might grow as a socially active adult. Look at their bright eyes. Their eagerness to you, somewhat a strong bond between a dog and the owner are found since the very first glance. Pay attention to their eagerness to gobble with foods. Those who are reluctant to eat their meal should be anticipated having a potential illness and else.

Besides those tips on how to choose pit bull puppy, you might also want to take some puppy testing that involves child test, sit test, follow test, etc. Just make sure that you visit some notable breeders that can provide you with both options and considerations to take home a buddy Pitbull.

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