One of the most beautiful dogs : Brindle Pit Bulls

The Brindle Pit Bull is one of the pit bull breeds that can make a potential family pet. If you happen on looking for a Brindle Pit Bull to be either purchased or adopted, you better do not tempt with the pricey tags. Keep in mind that the term brindle refers to the coat’s pattern it has. Some breeders are just trying to get extra cash due to their varied color. These are some information regarding the colorful breed that you can try to refer to.

7 Things You Need to Know About Brindle Pit Bulls

The look

One distinctive feature that makes Brindle Pitbull a unique breed is their varied coat’s color. The color ranges from brown and goes darker to black. That’s why you can make lots of selection based on your preferable color or shades.

They are stocky built breed with a relatively short, dense, and shiny coat. The color of their coats come from the recessive trait. So many combinations are possible to happen. It is not a rare characteristic that makes you pay for extra cash. Depending on the parents, you can predict the color combinations that are about to happen. That’s why, when a breeder tries to approach you with an expensive price and claim that it is a rare breed, you better ask them about the parents first. ( read more : Know the Difference: Types of Pit Bulls Breeds )

pitbull brindle

pitbull brindle

As the typical Pit Bull, it has the distinctive broad head; their facial feature gets less broad in the cheeks. The jaw line is quite broad and makes this breed having one distinctive feature of a wide smile. .


The brindle pit bulls are a loving dog in nature. The fact that their ancestors engage in such blood sport do not make them lose the quality of being a lovable pet. Their warm personality is one of many reasons that they can be a great pet that longs for approval as well as affection.

The Brindle Pitbull belongs to an active kindred. They have a great amount of stamina that should be channeled into any exercises that are possible. Frisbee to ball fetching might suit their active personality. Once you ignore and let them laze away too often, they might develop into lethargic pits.

The chance to Getting along with People

It is more likely due to their ancestral history that makes people think they cannot get along well with humans. They were born to be territorial breeds. They can be trained into obedient and loving pets

In a case of being watchdogs, the brindle pit bulls can do the job well. They are loyal to their master but can be seriously unfriendly to anyone that seems to be a threat.

brindle pitbull people

brindle pitbull people


The coat will be short and smooth but stiff to the touch. They do not need particularly special treatment as the regular firm bristled brush is all you need to brush their fur. In a case of giving a more polish look, you can always give a little amount of chamois or any piece of toweling for extra shine. ( read more : Maintain Your Pit bulls Hair Healthy and Shiny )

Are They Sounds Frightening?

One consideration that can be a big turn for a majority of people is the sound frightening issues. You might start t  wonder, do they tend to frighten people with their barking or else. When it comes to the Brindle Pit Bull, the issue is not necessarily worrying. Producing a loud and frightening sound might be part of their innate ability. It is their natural aggressiveness that can be manipulated by giving them a well behavioral training. They can be taught to control their aggressiveness and have all the well-mannered qualities.

What kind of Owner They Crave

The Brindle pits love to please their masters that are firm but respect them with sincere and fair treatment. This breed, indeed, needs a certain amount of disciplinary lessons. That’s why it is important to give them a firm yet in the gentle way possible to develop good behaviors. The firm and fair treatment can make them a very obedient dog with a deep bond to their masters. ( read more : How to Train Pit Bull obedience )

The Final Expectation

The final judgment to this breed should be a happy, comical, loyal, yet strong in general. They can be a great family pet with a chance of a good watch dog as well. They long for their master affection and approval that somewhat makes them eager to please their master. The obedient pits are bold, courageous, and smart in personalities. You need to channel their energy; otherwise, they can be lazy or at some point find potential things to bite.

You can either adopt from the animal shelters or make a purchase by coming into some reputable breeders. If you are a novice owner, it is advisable to get puppies to ease you to deal and bond with the dog. Bringing a Brindle Pit Bull home should not worry you. With a total care and a proper behavior training, you can surely make a good companion.

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