5 Things You Need to Know about the Red Nose Pitbulls

The Red Nose Pitbull is one of those dogs that own a distinct appearance. Quiet intimidating if I may say. However, this undeserved judgment is completely an empty hearsay as these five points will tell you the opposite.

What kind of dog is the Red Nose Pitbull

The Red Nose Pitbull would be likely recognized as a complete different breed of dog. In fact, this cutie is one of the variations of the American Pitbull Terriers. One thing that makes them a distinct dog is because of the red nose feature they own.

The Irish dogs have that typically pitbull facial features. It is pretty much affecting their reputations that often strike fear into many people. In fact, they are loving family pets that have been related to working dogs on farms as well.

The Red Nose Pitbulls’ nature

The sweet dogs are friendly in nature. They can play well with human, but there is a chance of them getting quite repulsive if they do not get a proper training and so. Still, they can be a very loyal pet to their master. Of course, it all starts with a good and proper training. Such improper behavior lessons and dog training could lead to developing such repulsive temper.

It is highly suggested to start the training as early as possible. Many Red Nose Pitbull’s owners admit that older bullies tend to get harder to be taught. They were once taught to be aggressive, and there was evidence that they could be so cruel. There is potential to be aggressive.  Still, they are, in fact, naturally kind and sweet.

When it comes to socializing with other dogs or animals, they are not generally that friendly, though. Some breeds are, indeed, naturally aggressive and could not get along with other animals. Consider raising the Red Nose Pitbull along with other animals from their early age and that will likely blast the chance of fight.

Besides their loyalty to those they love, they have quite strong endurance towards hard treatment. It is a very nice decision if you have little kids and consider the Red Nose Pitbull as a pet.  They love children and love to play along with them. Whether it is due to their innate intelligent or else, but they are exactly lovable to children.( read more : How to Train Pit Bull obedience )

Pitbulls being at home

Their qualities lay on the fact that they are loyal, very kind, and affectionate.  That is why Additionally, it is a wise decision to give them sturdy toys, food, and clean water while they are home

Keeping them home too much might lead to a lethargic behavior. They are active and love doing exercise, so it is highly recommended to take them outside and channel their energy. Do some exercises or long walks to prevent them become sluggish. ( read more : Top Exercises for Pit Bull Muscle Training )

The Red Nose Pitbulls will not likely attack strangers unless they see them as threats. But, giving them defending skills can make them great guards to their owner’s house. Their intelligent can discern friends and foes. You know, talking about extra safety to your house from somewhat decisive people. Who knows? They do!

Ailments that affects them

Most Pitbulls suffer from hip dysplasia. Either it is a genetic or non-genetic effect, in a case of Red Nose Pitbull, there is a tendency that they suffer from some ailments that include heart diseases, joint problems, cataracts, or allergies.

Such poor hygiene, as well as inbreeding, might likely be the major causes of these health problems. Be a real dogman

The reds and the blues; what makes them different

It is not sinful to have a red coat. So stop thinking that the Red Nose Pitbull is more aggressive compared to the Blue Nose Pitbull. Both of them are not aggressive, smart, and loyal to their masters. Same thing applies to other qualities such as the way they are at home or the fact that they are a full energy dog. One only thing that makes them differ from one another is literally the color of their coat. Or, if I may add, it is about the price tags between them. The Red Nose Pitbulls are more expensive today, due to the fact that they are harder to breed.


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