The Truth and Myths About Pit Bulls

Over decades, there are talks roaming, blaming, and labeling certain dogs to be called dangerous and less dangerous. Some even only use the outside appearance to make their judgment. Somehow, the fierce looking pit bulls are dragged along the fuss and suffer a label of fall dog.

The truth that lay beneath that intimidating appearance is not necessarily vicious, though. There are surely some myths and facts about pit bulls that should be learned to avoid worse misunderstanding.

9 Facts and Myths About Pit Bulls

Pit bulls and the bully breed label

What makes the different is that the bully breed is the one that holds the label; the pit bulls are just one of the breeds under that label. From Bulldogs to terriers, the bully breed has it all.

Some of the lists that I may bring here should cover Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog, Ambullneo Mastiff, many bulldog breeds, bull terrier, and others.

Pit bulls and its mischaracterization

Because they come from the bully breed umbrella, some people might have mistakenly recognized one breed to another. It encourages such mischaracterization that people generalize all the breeds as pit bulls.


pit bulls in america

pit bulls in america


Not only does it make hierarchal false, it leads to pit bulls to be pinned as the only blamable breeds every time a bad news strike to the surface.  The states that actually 5% of all dogs in the US are pit bulls. The rest are widely varied. However, from the total 78.2 million dogs live in the States, 40% are from the bully breeds with 20% of them mistakenly recognized as pit bulls.

Their bad rap that comes from violent beginnings

Pit bulls were recognized as brutally meant breed. This bulldog and terrier cross have been recognized as one of the then-popular port called the bull baiting. They were and still renowned as strong dogs. Their body speaks the truth. However, that quality combined with the past bloody image has led them to get such bad reputation at the present moment.

They have such golden hearts

The fierce look and the stained reputation affect people to often call them dangerous. With all that muscle, there is a heart of gold. Naturally, they are loving beings. Enhance with proper training can even make them the friendliest canine buddies you ever meet. Pit bulls are on the list of dogs that have such human-like emotions. Never ruin the inherited warm and kindness into something ugly by treating them in a poor way.

pit bulls heart gold

pit bulls heart gold

Pits don’t bite harder than other dogs

Pit bulls are famous for having the pronounced and strong jaws. Rumor has it that it exerts such incredible power that makes them bite harder than any other dogs. It is actually a total myth when ones say that the pit bulls can exert 1600 pounds per square. Like many other breeds, it can exert 235 pounds per square inch that are actually in the average amongst the dogs. The one that has the highest pound per square inch of bite force is the Rottweiler. Underlining point out of this fact is that neither pit bulls nor Rottweiler are dangerous. The presented numbers are meant to indicate the severity of the bites, not necessarily the stat of being dangerous.

pitbull bite

pitbull bite

How statistics tells about the pit bull fatal attack

Pit bulls are often dragged by the media and be blamed as one of that own such deadly attacks. The reshared the founding of individual research, revealing that there is a significant gap between pit bulls fatal attack statistics with other possible deadly treats. A person would likely be killed, 60 times more, by a falling coconut, 16 times more likely to die due to drowning compared to pit bulls attack. In fact, the one that has the most fatal effect comes from the addiction to aspirin.

The AKC doesn’t recognize the American Pit Bull Terrier

Due to the past involvement of the breeds in the brutal sport, the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize the American Pit Bull Terrier. However, it does recognize the one very similar breed, the Staffordshire Terrier and somewhat give the two quite adequate effort to be eventually free from the bull baiting thing.

Pit bulls and the practice of euthanizing

Statistics from the maintain that 48% of nation’s shelters place pit bulls for adoption, 30% place the dogs for adoption under certain circumstances, and the rest euthanizes the dogs regardless the individual dog’s disposition. What an unfair treatment.

Some fun facts

Pit bulls are indeed smart dogs. Despite the sloppy look that they often make, the little pits can actually be a cute pet. Photographer Sophie Gamand once showcased the adorable version of the pits wearing pastel color flower crown, making the stereotyping fierce look less intimidating.

some fun pit bulls

some fun

The American Pitbull Terrier with some along with bulldog, Russian Wolf-Hound, and German Dachshund were used to symbolize the images of the countries that involved in the World War I.

The last fun fact is about the Snoop Dogg’s favorite dog: they can be a good bandmates. History has proved the myths and facts about pit bulls that are bad to be undeserved, as they were once members of a band, called the Budgie and Basil. And they did sing. Well, I mean barking.


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