How to Train Your Pit Bull to be Aggressive

Pit Bulls are naturally featured by intimidating appearance. People often mistakenly recognize them as aggressive dogs. In fact, they are more into kindhearted one. It is true that they can be aggressive to other dogs or animals. But, the job of being nice to human, they get no problems! If you want them to be a watchdog, then you might ignore all that face feature first. In a case of the Blue Nose Pit Bull, for instance, they can even stay quiet to strangers. Not necessarily stays quiet to intruders but their tender heart often makes them so calm facing new people. Continue reading

Top Exercises for Pit Bull Muscle Training

As a muscular breed with a naturally big build body, pit bulls will look more attractive with massive muscles all over their body. However, training a pit bull in order to gain muscular body mass is not easy. It takes special efforts and patience to take them out and get regular work out. To get the optimum results, consistency is the key. Continue reading