How to Train Your Pit Bull to be Aggressive

Pit Bulls are naturally featured by intimidating appearance. People often mistakenly recognize them as aggressive dogs. In fact, they are more into kindhearted one. It is true that they can be aggressive to other dogs or animals. But, the job of being nice to human, they get no problems! If you want them to be a watchdog, then you might ignore all that face feature first. In a case of the Blue Nose Pit Bull, for instance, they can even stay quiet to strangers. Not necessarily stays quiet to intruders but their tender heart often makes them so calm facing new people. Continue reading

Understanding Pit Bull Health Problems and How to Prevent Them

Because of unwise breeding practices, some breeds of dogs are prone to certain health problems. Although it does not mean that every dog of a certain breed will suffer from those diseases, they have a higher chance to be exposed to the health problems. As for pit bull breeds, they are generally healthy and strong. However, just like other breeds, they are also prone to certain health conditions. So, if you plan to buy or adopt a puppy of pit bull breeds, you need to know the common pit bull health problems so that you will have a counter measure and would know what to do when your dog caught the disease or diagnosed with the health problems. Continue reading

Know the Difference: Types of Pit Bulls Breeds

The term “pit bull” is often mistakenly understood as a single type of dog breed. While in reality, pit bull refers to a group containing several breeds of dog with certain characteristics. The most common types of pit bull breeds are American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Read along to find the difference between these different pit bulls breeds. Continue reading